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IF – Sweater

February 17, 2011

Cozy Companion - Oil, conte crayon on paper

I’m back! I haven’t had a moment to breathe lately! The shop is doing very well and I’m very very happy with its success. But I miss creating and I’m still trying to eek out some time to paint. Really paint.

Truthfully, I’ve gotten kind of bored with myself. And as a fiber artist, this just the topic to get me going! So I switched things up and broke out the oils. My parents gave me some oil sticks a while back. I just kind of went at it; I did a very quick doodle to prepare but I don’t think it informed the final piece at all.

I do feel a bit revitalized. Though finding time for larger, more involved pieces will still require a lot of motivation and perseverance on my part. I work best in small spurts with some longer sessions now and then. I’m thinking that’s the way to go. No more procrastinating – a little bit everyday. Slow and steady…Art – tortoise style?

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